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The hotelier’s ultimate resource 

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The Hotel Man blog was created to inspire and coach hoteliers who are looking for a digital resource. From front desk operations to marketing to better housekeeping, THM provides a wealth of knowledge and industry best practices. Whether you are an up-and-coming hotel associate looking to fine-tune your craft or start your very own boutique hotel, there’s something here for everyone. Let’s create a conversation.  



Dustin Keith

Hospitality Blogger + Consultant

Working with five-diamond brands such as Omni and Four Seasons to intimate boutique hotel collections, I’ve gained invaluable experiences and insight. Throughout my hospitality career I often searched the interwebs for resources from fellow hotelier enthusiasts, to no avail. I wanted a digital resource that would aid in expanding my skills and gain tricks-of-the-trade. After serving ten years in hotel operations at the property level and five years in corporate marketing, I finally decided to create the resource I was looking for. Welcome to The Hotel Man – The hotelier’s ultimate resource. I hope you find my posts useful and engaging. Always feel free to reach out should you have a story or area you would like to expand on.  


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