Be everywhere they are.

Many hoteliers wonder what the best social media marketing tools are to use when creating their marketing plans. Having worked in hospitality, tech and finance marketing communications, I have been able to ascertain the best tools to use to reach your best audiences. Below are the five best tools that I find most useful for hospitality. (in order of importance)

Facebook – In this day and age, Facebook is a must. It has everything you could need to get your brand out here; microblogging for engaged reading, images for illustration, and metrics for gauging ROI. While some social media tools are geared towards certain ages, Facebook has proved to be a timeless tool that can speak to audiences of all ages.

Instagram – Reaching millennials is the way to go. As this generation gets older and produces more to spend on travel, you’ll want to be on the IG platform. Tourism and hospitality are very image heavy verticals – audiences want to see where they would be spending their hard-earned travel funds and ensure that your hotel is where they want to be. So go ahead and wow them with pics of your property, delicious food and amenities.

Twitter – I myself have never been the biggest fan of tweeting. However, millions upon millions of people are on twitter. And, thanks to a certain someone in the White House, it is an ever growing platform that should not be overlooked. Here is where you want to publish concise tweets that announce specials, new amenities and even provide customer service for your current and past guests. I’ve seen hotels actually take reservations via tweet!

Blog – What better way to tell your story than have a whole microsite dedicated to it? While blogs aren’t registering as well in SEO efforts as they used to, it’s better to have more branded content online than not. And not unlike Facebook, it give you a place to tell your story in more detail and really engage your followers on what your business is all about. I encourage all my clients to post at least once a month on their branded blog site.

Hootsuite – How do you possibly manage all of these sites? Hootsuite is a great tool that I have been using since my days with Four Seasons (let’s just say… sometime ago). With this social media planner, you can execute on all your social content at once, scheduling the publishing dates and times, and also getting back your post metrics – how your posts are doing: reach, likes, reposts, comments, etc.

There you have it – 5 best social media tools to get started! If you use a different social media platform that works great for you, feel free to comment to share!