Getting Your Staff Up to Standard

What exactly is a AAA certified Five Diamond Rating?

AAA Diamond ratings have been the long-standing measurement of a hotel’s overall quality of cleanliness, comfort and service. A Five Diamond Rating certifies that a property is, “ultimate in luxury, sophistication and comfort with extraordinary attributes, meticulous personalized service, extensive amenities and impeccable standards of excellence.”

Each year AAA reviews nearly 30,000 hotels and just 0.4% are certified as Five Diamond. While it’s not likely the average boutique hotel has Five Diamond Rated facilities, that doesn’t mean you cannot provided Five Diamond service. Below are Diamond guest service standards that have been especially important to me throughout my management career. I challenge you to coach your teams on these to provide the absolute best in guest services.   


  • Phones are promptly answered within three rings
  • Reservationist offers rate structure, available room types, facilities overview and at least three services
  • Reservationist reviews hotel booking with guest at wrap-up
  • Reservationist addresses guest by name at least three times throughout booking


  • Associate provides a warm and sincere greeting, acknowledging guests waiting in line
  • Associate confirms rate and room type with guest
  • All registration materials are placed into the guest’s hands (not laid on the counter!)
  • Associate arranges escort of guest and belongings to room (when possible)


  • Associate inquires about guest’s stay at checkout
  • A copy of the room bill is provided for review into the guest’s hand
  • Associate confirms method of payment (MOP) with guest
  • Associate asks guest if there are any other ways to be of service


  • All associates exhibit professional vocabulary
  • All associates consistently maintain eye contact with guests
  • Guests are graciously escorted to areas when directions are requested
  • It is apparent that associates are empowered by management to resolve guest issues immediately

Want to learn more about Five Diamond guest services? Stay tuned for my ebook coming out this summer, Training for Five Diamond Service – Getting Up to Standard.