Hire for Value

While good employees can be hard to find, there are certain attributes that should be baseline for your potential staff. Ones that the success of your hotel or department will depend on. Don’t just look for a warm body, look for someone dynamic who will add value.

Cheerfulness – While you may think this is a given, I have seen a number of hotel employees that look less than thrilled to be there. Cheerfulness should radiate from them at all times, even when the day is less than stellar.

Composure – Someone who can stay in control of any situation and appear cool, calm and collected is someone who has composure. This attribute is rare, but if you happen to find someone that has it, snatch them up!

Disarming – This is an attribute that will always help to diffuse a tumultuous situation and turn it into a success story. Someone who is disarming can reach even the coldest of guests and draw them out of their shell during their stay.

Initiative – Initiative is crucial in hotel operations. There is much work to be done and someone who does not take ownership of their tasks will not add much value to your hotel. Look for someone who will jump on challenges and creates solutions.

Confidence – Everyone appreciates a confident person. Confidence shows in their demeanor, in their ‘welcome spiel’ and in their knowledge (PK) of the hotel. If your staff is confident, that will give your guests more opportunity to buy into your brand.

Empathy – Someone who has empathy can understand where guests are coming from, literally and figuratively. It takes true empathy to understand a guest’s issues and provide solutions.

Mindfulness – Mindfulness runs along with empathy. Mindfulness is the ability to read people and act accordingly. This attribute will allow your employees to anticipate a guest’s needs (which is paramount) and add value to your team.  

Multi-tasking – If you work in hotels, you KNOW multi-tasking. Find an employee who can seamlessly navigate from task to task. I always knew how to block the arrivals for the day, create the housekeeping sheet and greet guests at departure all at once – with a smile.