‘Tis The Season For Giving!

With thousands of options today’s travelers have, gone are the days where a comfortable bed and clear tv are all a guest could ask for. To stay competitive, we want to offer our guests incentives to stay with us, also called amenities. Below are ten must-have amenities that your guests will love and die to come back for.   

1.) Holiday Treats – I use EVERY holiday as an excuse to put together a themed goody bag for my incoming guests. Be it President’s Day or Valentines, I want my guests to walk away with something that will brighten their day.

2.) Pet Treats – pets are part of the family. Don’t forget about them – they should be wooed, too!

3.) Refreshment Station – refreshment stations in a common area are a great way to keep your guests hydrated, and it gives them the opportunity to meet other guests and make connections.

4.) Welcome snacks – freshly baked cookies and cucumber-infused water go a long way in arrival satisfaction.

5.) Wine & Champagne – nothing makes guests feel more like a VIP than offering wine or champagne upon arrival, or even having a ‘refreshment hour’ in the lobby.

6.) Kid’s Amenities – pack-n-plays are a GREAT way to take the stress off of parents and give their kids something to do while relaxing in their luxurious accommodations!

7.) Complimentary gym or spa tickets – just because your guests are traveling does not mean they have to miss out on the opportunity to stay fit and relaxed.

8.) Free WiFi – it’s a digital world and people want to be connected. Give them that option. And for goodness sake, PLEASE ensure that your connection is a fast one.

9.) In-Room iPads (preloaded with attractions) – While this can be a hefty startup, this amenity can do wonders for your concierge efforts. It also shows that your property is with the times, being technology savvy.

10.) Continental Breakfast – as simple as it is, I always enjoy a complimentary light breakfast in the mornings. There’s nothing worse than wanting to relax during my travels and learning that I have to leave the hotel to put something in my stomach.   

With amenities such as these, you’re sure to ramp up guest retention and snag some pretty amazing reviews along the way!