So, I’ve been asked a number of times the meaning of “The Hotel Man” and where it comes from. I thought I’d go ahead and explain that here in one of my earlier posts.

What does “The Hotel Man” mean? 

“Are you like, a hotel super hero?” Friends have jested, “Do you go around and cut room rates?”. Ummm, NO. Haha. “The Hotel Man” has come to mean something great to me, something that is essential in our industry. It represents the ability to remain poised and confident in all types of situations, even the most challenging ones we often find ourselves in within hospitality. it’s when you’re able to put on a smile and address guests as if the only thing on your mind is their happiness and well-being. To divide and conquer; know how to put challenges and issues aside while handling your most important task – your guests and staff.

Where did “The Hotel Man” come from?

Once upon a time I worked in a boutique hotel collection in northern New England and had come across an especially challenging situation that would have unnerved anyone. I was conferring with my Regional Director and he asked me “do you need me to jump in?” My automatic response, without meaning to sound arrogant in the least bit was, “Of course not, we’re hotel people. I’ve got this.” To say the least, he was very appreciative of this sentiment – it’s what he liked to see. And it was true, after ten years in hotel operations, I had learned how to keep my poise no matter what chaos came about. From there on out I had been playfully referred to as “The Hotel Man” amongst my cohorts.

With all this in mind, I challenge you to channel your inner “Hotel Person”. Learn not to bat an eyelash when coming across unexpected challenges, be it internal or external. It takes time and the meeting of a lot of uncomfortable situations head-on. But, the more you fine-tune this attitude, the more you will be able to effectively lead.