Get Your Hotel Lean, Mean and Green 

I’ve found that there’s a misconception out there that hoteliers always make a lot of money, but the truth of the matter is, the costs to run a hotel property are great. So why not implement green initiatives that will help mitigate these costs? And in doing so, do something that is for the greater good of the planet. Going green also increases brand loyalty. Who can beat all that?! Check these ideas out:

In-room recycling bins – Get trash bins that have one compartment for trash and one for paper, bottles and cans. They’re relatively inexpensive and will pay off in the long run. These bins will let the guest feel like they’re doing their part in sustainability and will greatly increase your properties recycling rate.

Encourage guests to reuse linens – I’m sure you’ve seen this before: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This is a proven practice, and one that I have been using for some time. Post a sign letting your guests know you like to reduce and reuse, and request that they hang towels that they can use again. The towels they are done with can be thrown on the floor to be picked up during their refresh. This saves a bundle on water costs and shows that you are hip to helping the earth.  

Go paperless – (digital process) This is an initiative that I often see many hoteliers shy away from. They just can’t seem to go without printing those housekeeping reports or guest registration slips. If your property is a large one, think about how many reams of paper you go through a month, and then think about the costs of those reams. Instead of having a guest sign a printed registration card, have them sign an electric one on an ipad. Instead of writing up reports and proposals for your team and internal stakeholders, create one on a Google doc and share it with them. Once you get in the habit of going paperless, your operations will become a lot less costly and the need for office storage a moot point.

Build an onsite garden – What better way to get your guests involved and give them something to do on a pretty day than with an onsite garden? And if your property operates a restaurant as well, you can double your efficiency efforts  by cooking with the food that is grown. This shows your guests that you are all about “going local”, for you can’t get much more local than that!  

Green your roof – Now this is a bigger project and takes a bit more planning. As many buildings are becoming more sustainable, they’re looking more and more to start from the outside-in. The longer-term payoff of a green roof are an overall larger ROI. Other upsides to these are cost savings on heating and cooling, they can improve the look of the building itself, and can also improve sound insulation.

Above are just a handful of environmental and social initiatives that you can easily implement at your own property. Feel free to reach out to me for a more comprehensive list and even a roadmap to a greener property.