Say it Loud, Say it Proud 

Too often the welcome spiel is overlooked as an important tool to have in your hotelier’s toolbox. Let’s make this clear: your welcome spiel is the MOST IMPORTANT tool you have to use for a guest’s stay. It sets the tone for the entire stay.

It’s important to have this welcome spiel down-pat. Your spiel should encompass ‘product’ knowledge, personality and most importantly, confidence. Developing this is simple and just requires repetition.

Know where your guests are coming from – Literally, know where they’re coming from. Understand that if they’ve had a long trip in you may want to abbreviate your welcome spiel and save your high-points for a later time. Conversely, if they’ve had a lovely trip in and are ready to partake in the area’s festivities, take the time to warmly welcome them and apprise them of all that your property and area has to offer. Knowing where your guest is coming from is a matter of social cues and actually listening to your guests, and not just verbally. After a warm welcome, I always ask “how was your trip in? Where are you coming in from?”

Composure and tone – Being in the hospitality industry means knowing you’re on a stage. You may be in a funk, you may be feeling rundown, but a great hotelier knows that when there are guests in front of them, they put that charm on and engage their guests. Make sure that you always have a smile when addressing your guests, and be sure to keep your tone light and positive. Stand tall and convey your points with body language, namely your hands.

Have ‘Product’ knowledgeProduct knowledge (PK) is extremely important. Your property and it’s amenities are your product. Whether you’re the GM of the property or a new up and coming guest service associate, know what your property has to offer and know your rooms/outlets. What amenities are available to guest? What size are the various rooms? Do you have free wifi? What’s the difference between your Queen room and the Queen Deluxe? PK! PK! PK! Master this and you will come across knowledgeable and confident.  

Make yourself available – Let your guests know what your name is and what your availability is. If you’re first shift and another agent or manager comes on at 3, let them know the name of that person as well. Make sure you convey the fact that YOU are there for THEM. Guests do not like to pay premium rates to end up having to hunt down a staff member to address requests. I even let my guests know when I’m on next!

Check back – Intend to check back with your guests and let them know that. This will show you are attentive and that if they do have an issue or concern, they will not have to go out of their way to address it. I like to keep a spreadsheet of sorts at the desk with all my arrivals on there and check them off once I have checked back with them. I’ll even put notes on it if I get any feedback at the time.

Your welcome spiel checklist:

  • Warmly greet upon entry and state your name
  • Ask how their trip in was
  • Briefly confirm their stay details: room type, number of nights
  • State three to five highlights of the property. Ie. breakfast times, wifi connection, desk hours, technology available to use in the room, closest restaurant   
  • State your name again and let them know your availability
  • Direct them to the room and let them know you will check in on them a little later on